Find Your Happy

Find Your Happy

The best way to ensure the people you love find their happy is to find yours first.

I’m sharing a book I’ve written about Finding Your Happy. It’s a lovely little book, with an uplifting and empowering message and it’s now available for preorder (books will ship in November). I’ve launched a kickstarter and you can pledge to get an early copy and help me to reach my goal of getting published!

It’s an adorable children’s book with messages that are full of truth, sweet and fun illustrations, it’s a super fun read and it just makes you feel… well… happier. If you’re interested in getting an early copy you can either pre-order through this site, or visit my kickstarter!


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Whether she’s empowering kids (and adults) with the messages in her books, showing people their true beauty through her photos, connecting business owners with their ultimate success, or rubbing her fingerprints off on the pavement with sidewalk chalk, it’s all done with one thing in mind;

uplifting others.