For the Bully

For the Bully

by trish MICHAEL
There’s many hard lessons this lifetime has taught,
And I choose to do good with the wisdom it’s brought.
And though I continue to block and ignore.
Seems I must repeat what I’ve said before.
This thing that you’re doing, feeling so much hate,
It only hurts you, and seals your own fate.
Towards misery, sadness and more jealousy.
And your power to change, it’s not within me.
It’s all within you. Stop wasting your time.
Stalking my website and being unkind.
I don’t even know you, all your offense,
And aiming at me, it just makes no sense.
I can see you’re persistent… what then might be,
If you changed the direction of your energy?

And looked for improvement, focused on you!
Sought goodness and kindness and that which is true!
Don’t look at my happy and then get all bent.
Here’s ways that your time would be much better spent:
Maybe go outside.  Get off your screen.
Go walk in nature.  You won’t feel so mean.
When you find yourself triggered, your inner child buggin’,
Reparent the young you, give her a huggin’!
When you get the urge to put your hurt on me,
Try something different, like go climb a tree?
Meditate, workout, dance or kung fu.
Whatever self love looks like to you.
Anything’s better than doing the same,
Then expecting different… that’s just insane.
Don’t go where it hurts you, or where you feel bad.
Instead do what feels good, do something rad!

These issues you’ve got, if you want to solve them,
Your triggers, your feelings, own them as YOUR problem.
Cause I can not help you, and hating on me,
Just keeps YOU stuck in low vibe energy.
Sit in those feelings as bad as they get.
Cause soon they will pass, and I’m willing to bet,
You’ll probably find you’ll be nicer to you.
And goodness and happy will start to shine through.
And I’ll bet the urge to type in my name,
Which just seems to trigger your own hurt and shame,
That will pass too and instead you’ll want fun!
And that’d be better for everyone.
Especially you, for what you don’t know,
The evidence just continues to grow.
There’s a folder I have, I’ve had it for years.
It grows each time your IP address appears.
It’s called “stalker/bully”, it logs what you do.
Each page view, each comment, it knows that it’s you.
So though I use light, this cycle to break.
Viewing kindness as weakness would be a mistake.
It’s been nearly 6 years, of you wasting your time.
Doesn’t bother me, I high vibe with rhyme.
But I’m taking your hate as cry for what’s true.
So here it is straight… just be nice to you.
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