trish MICHAEL, the photographer

Capturing life's perfectly imperfect moments with an artistic eye, obession with light and a ton of personality.

Trish Michael specializes in capturing real, light and love drenched moments that hit you right in the feels. Currently offering family photography, commercial photography and boudoir photography in Lewis County, New York, Trish believes that true beauty lies in the natural and genuine interactions between loved ones.

Trish has a knack for making people feel totally comfortable in front of the camera and creates a fun and enjoyable experience which results in photos that even the toughest critic can’t help but love.


A Little Bit Messy is Real and That’s Where My Sweet Spot Is.

If you’re seeking a Lewis County Family Photographer who captures real, love drenched photos that hit you right in the feels, Trish Michael is the perfect choice.  Her photos not only capture smiles and laughter, but all the perfectly imperfect moments in between.


“Literally one of the best photo experiences we’ve ever had. Even grumpy grampa was impressed and thanked me for booking the session. My kids adored you too!”

Tara B.


Powerful & Engaging With Clear Personality

Trish Michael is your one stop shop if you’re looking for powerful and engaging commercial and brand photography. With her ability to create a mood and engage with models and products in a way that speaks your brand story, you’ll get photos that convert viewers to customers.


I love that you captured the true essence of my brand. Your photography always seems genuine and I always feel like I’m really seeing someone at their best and truest. I absolutely love my photos and it was so incredible to work with you on this project. You more than exceeded my expectations. So happy and grateful!

Dacia W., Spa Lotus


More Than Amazing Photos…A Life Changing Experience.

Are you ready to see yourself as the work of art that you are? trish MICHAEL offers an extraordinary boudoir experience that empowers you to embrace your beauty, and results in jaw dropping photos and new found confidence and appreciation for yourself.


You made me feel like a super-model and the feeling has continued even after taking off the make-up. You were right, it was an incredibly empowering experience.."

Ms. S

What to expect from a session with trish:

  • Fun. Enjoying the process makes for better photos and makes everyone look forward to their next session with Trish 😉.
  • Up to 50 minutes of shooting time. Anything more than that tends to make kids (and dads) melt down.
  • Guidance. No more wondering “what do I do with my hands?” Trish will tell you exactly what to do, how to stand, etc.
  • Photos of you that you LOVE! Even the toughest critics reach out and say “You actually got a photo of me that I love!”
  • 50% Retainer and contract required to book. Final balance due day of shoot.