trish MICHAEL, the human

Whether she’s empowering kids (and adults) with the messages in her books, showing people their true beauty through her photos, connecting business owners with their ultimate success or rubbing her fingerprints off on the pavement with sidewalk chalk, it’s all done with one thing in mind; uplifting others.

Here's some other tidbits about me...

i love

taking photos

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 13 years. I’ve worked with models, celebrities and high-profile companies; but wanna know my favorite thing to shoot? Real people. And food. 🤣.

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pavement & chalk

are my fav mediums

I lost my photography business overnight when COVID hit and started drawing with chalk in my driveway. Ever since, I’ve been drawing with chalk and making super satisfying time lapses of my work.

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i write children's books

that help kids thrive!

I’ve been through hell and back many times. So have my kids. Through that I’ve written and published 3 books (working on the 4th!). All were written to uplift and empower them through our struggles. And now parents, teachers and therapists all over the world are using them as a resource to help kids.

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i am

a badass

I’ve beaten cancer THREE TIMES and all I got was this mug. 🤣

i am my own


I genuinely believe we are all superheroes with the power to make positive change in this world. Uplifting is my superpower.  Also, housing Pringles at an alarming rate is my superpower (that I wish I didn't have...)

a few of my favorite things

laughing, my family, and hurricane tots

Also puns. No matter what we work on together you can rest assured, those mom jokes will be comin’ in clutch. (insert eye rolls from my teenagers for my use of the word clutch)

i once stood in an

elephant fart

It blew my hair back and I got dust in my eye. Elephant butt dust. #TRUESTORY

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