Life is Funny

Life is Funny

This year has been a trip.  

The never ending loop of learning hard lessons has continued.  There's been some great highs for which I am very grateful and in general, things with business were fun and filled with amazing people.  I took this year to get really clear on who I am and what I want for my business and I'm thrilled to say that I'm happier than ever in my work and am achieving what I've deemed success for myself.  

But there have also been some great lows in my personal life.  There's been grief, there's been struggle, there's been death.  And there's been crazy.  Was 2017 the year of the nut-job?  Is that a part of the zodiac?  Cause DAMN.  Crazy was just coming out of the woodwork this year...

But one thing that has remained constant through it all; LAUGHTER.  And for that I am so incredibly grateful.  For anyone and everyone I've shared a chuckle with this year, know that you are why I keep on going.  Your laughter and lightheartedness with me, both in times of fun, and ESPECIALLY in those times where it might not have been deemed appropriate, but where it was needed most, are such a gift.  Those are the memories that stick.  

So thanks 2017, for everything you sent my way.  The good, the bad and the orange.  And though 2018 seems as though it has the potential to be... well... even weirder... just remember to keep your sense of humor.  Because I can tell you there's really not much better than sitting down to review your year, thinking it will stress you out and result in some deep, profound realizations about life and the cosmos, and just ending up with a big, old, stupid grin on your face...

 Cheers 2017!  

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