Pancake Conundrums

Pancake Conundrums

She’s a genius with words and is as sharp as a tack. It often takes me a good 10 seconds to catch up to her linquistic brilliance. She’ll often say something and then look at me harder and say “Get it?”, and I’ll think on it for a bit, and then burst out laughing. The light in her eyes when she sees someone’s gotten her humor is one of my favorite things to see. That smile that stretches from ear to ear when she’s joyful… which is really, really often. She is meticulous in what she does, taking all the time available to perfect her work and see that things are done to her own personal standard. She will be rushed by no one. She takes her time to deliberate and chooses thoughtfully. She is fair and diplomatic. And frequently helps; even those who aren’t very nice to her.

She once made a pancake in the shape of a fox and then cried hysterically as she ate it: because it was her friend, but also she was in the mood for pancakes. I didn’t know whether my heart was going to burst, or I’d burst my gut from holding in my laughter. It was the most adorable conundrum. But this is her in a nutshell. Her love is so pure; so healing. Her heart is so big and open. She’s such a gift.

And I worry so much. Because open hearts get wounded easily, and deeply. And people with her level of empathy and compassion are often told they are “too sensitive” and they need to “toughen up”. And that can result in a cold, protective layer that I’m all too familiar with. At her young age, she’s already experienced pretty big hurt. And yet her heart is still as open and as loving as ever. How inspiring she is. I am blessed beyond measure to be her mom.

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