Wait... What?

Wait... What?

Ya… I’m hearing that a lot lately. And a lot of what has gone on in the past 9 months had to be kept under wraps for success’s sake. My online presence has been having a bit of an identity crisis (so have I, quite frankly), and I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people wondering what the heck is going on, so here it goes….


Wait, what? You moved from Maui to upstate New York in the middle of winter?

Yes. Yes we did. 2022 was intensely focused on some very important things; getting full custody of my kids and going somewhere where there’s family and support so that we can all start healing. I am happy to report that after one of the most intense, stressful and grueling years of our lives, we won. We were able to safely get ourselves out of a really toxic, stressful and unhealthy situation and are now freezing balls in the snow, but happily taking in new adventures, new experiences and meeting lots of new people. And most importantly, we are in a safe space within which we can each begin the process of healing. So that’s why you’ve been seeing parkas instead of palm trees, snowboards instead of surfboards.

I’m shifting my focus away from Photography

Wait, what? But that’s what you do?

I’ve been a photographer through divorce, a torn meniscus, cancer twice and a pandemic. And it kind of wrecked me. Every time I pick up my cameras my brain runs through all the pain I’ve had to push through; peg legging around for over a year on a bum knee, splitting my incisions mid wedding because I wasn’t healed enough to be shooting and having to push through, losing my business repeatedly to cancer and then again to COVID. It’s been a lot. So I’m shifting my focus away from photography to marketing my books. I am still shooting (you can book me on my photography page), but my focus is shifting to getting the books I’ve written, which have proven super helpful to people dealing with trauma, out to as many people as possible. So I’ll be referring to myself as Trish the author now, instead of Trish the photographer. So you’ll likely see less professional photography and more personal photos of my journey into this new phase of things…

I beat cancer… again.

Wait, what?

Ya. When I say 2022 was intense… I’m not lying. Just weeks after I filed in court to start the process of getting custody of my kids, I got my third cancer diagnosis. Having gone through this now a third time, I can say, with absolute confidence, that not only is there a definite link between diet and cancer, there’s an even more definite link between cancer and trauma. 2022 made it clear to me that if I wanted to get better and my kids to get better, I had to address the source of the repeated trauma once and for all. Which meant I had to step into all of my worst fears.

I did. We won. And I’ve received my first clear scan since that diagnosis. And I am so fucking proud of myself for what I accomplished in 2022. I feel like I was just put through olympic level training for keeping my mind right. And I feel like I just won a gold metal for it. Pretty rad.

So, now, we’re giving peaceful, harmonious living a go for the first time in a very long time. My hunch is, I’ve seen the last of cancer. And I’m quite happy to put that chapter behind us and start moving myself and my little family towards healing.


Wait, what? Another one already?

Yes. Two more actually. Something about having cancer 3 times really lights a fire under your ass to get shit done. My goal for 2023 is to release my other 2 books and I’m on target to accomplish that with the Kickstarter for The Sorry Monster in prelaunch phase! If you know someone who says “Sorry” too much (um… hello… guilty!) then you need this book. This one is especially special because it features my youngest and she, in fact, designed the Monster herself! It’s really quite a cute, uplifting book and I know so many people who could benefit from it.   Get your copy here!

So that’s it. A lot. Enough for now. I sincerely hope that 2023 brings more ease, peace, abundance, fun and laughter… for all of us!

Talk soon,


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