He’s really just an extraordinary being. I get stopped by people, frequently, who tell me what a remarkable young man he is. And I am not humble when it comes to my kids. I say, straight up, “Yes, I know.” Because it’s got nothing to do with me; he came in that way. And because they don’t even know the half of it.

Yes, he carries himself incredibly well for his age (better than a lot of adults I know if I’m honest). Yes, he is polite and helpful and will look you right in your eye, give you a proper, firm handshake and speak to you like an equal. Yes, he is a great student; self motivating, helpful to others, listens to his coaches and teachers and applies what they say. And yes, he did the Cycle to the Sun, twice, crushing his goals, doing the work and being such a source of inspiration. But he also carries big burdens. And most people don’t know. Because he buries it deep. Hides it well. He’s got responsibilities and worries that don’t belong to a 13 year old (or anyone really). He steps up in ways he shouldn’t have to. He simply does because that’s who he is. He’s also one of the funniest people I know. When he laughs, I feel like the entire world is alight with good.

And when he cries, which he doesn’t allow often, it murders me inside.

It is a travesty that someone would plant a seed in his heart growing any sentiment other than “What a gift you are to this world”. An absolute, fucking travesty.

One day, karma will finally grant justice for all the wrong doing. Until then, I will find that seed and pull it out, however many times it gets planted. I will seek it out, destroy it and replace it with truth and love. Always.

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