"I've already shared these books with my entire family and everyone has fallen in love with the poetry and adorable illustrations."

Sandra A., Grandparent and Teacher

With all the crazy in the world, wouldn’t it be nice to know that we’re giving our kids their best chance at being happy?

These children’s books, written by a mom of 3, equip kids with practical life skills for happiness. Watch as your kids look at life more positively, make better choices and find more happiness in each day (something we all could use!).

Books That Boost Happiness and Self Esteem

Screen addiction is on the rise and depression among young kids is becoming more of a problem. These picture books not only grab kids attention, but set them up with life skills to make better choices, get along better with others, do the right thing and be happier!

Life Hacks for Happiness

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The Author

Hi! I'm Trish. I'm a mom of 3 who watched my kids struggle finding happiness for years. I became determined to create ways to help them be happier. Through this struggle, came these children's books, filled with nuggets of wisdom and practical systems that are now helping kids all over the world to increase their self-esteem and find happiness through trauma, hardships and just daily life.

It is a privilege to be able to offer these books to you at a deep discount, knowing you and your kids can find more happiness too!

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