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32 page hardcover - premium quality picture book.

Uplifting children’s book that helps kids make good decisions. Trish Michael’s trademark rhyming text and Julia Liadovski’s clear and bright illustrations come together in this powerful read aloud - perfect for any age.

LIGHT makes decision making easier by asking the question; does that feel like a cinder block or a balloon? By assigning a light or heavy feeling to our thoughts, choices and even people, we learn to feel into where they may lead us.  Do you want to be held down?  Or lifted up?  Do you want to feel heavy?  Or do you want to feel light?  Simple enough for small kids to grasp, but powerful enough to be applied later in life to more complicated issues like addiction and toxic relationships, LIGHT is a must have for developing good decision making skills and self confidence.

A powerful and uplifting book about self love, finding your inner strength and being a better human.

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